For delivery and catering orders:

(703) 215-9570

Nett Fifty is a location to enjoy the soothing taste of food for the soul. The
restaurant location will create the comfort feeling of receiving your plate right out
of grandma’s kitchen. NETT FIFTY will feature cozy dinning, a white table-cloth
elegant setting, comfortable furnishings and décor with soothing warm tones. The
lounge will be the perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat, or for a small business

The menu will be inspired from the country southern cuisine and served with the
presentation of five-star fine dining to appeal to a diverse clientele. You can get
deep fried chicken, slow roasted pot roast, smothered turkey wings, meat loaf
and ox tails. Our menu will also tailor to the vegans; collard greens, squash,
mashed potatoes (with gravy) black-eyed peas, 5-layer macaroni and cheese.
Our vegetables will be served with or without meat seasoning. Adding value will
be a business lunch menu with daily specialties.